Not ear infection again 😔.#Police on Mohbad1. Mohbad went to a show in Ikorodu2. After the show at about 11pm, he was to leave3. He saw that his vehicle was blocked by other vehicles4. His fans and area boys accosted him5. From evidence, he was tipsy and hyperactive, and he attempted to come out of the vehicle to clear the road by himself6. Ibrahim (Primeboy), his friend objected to this, citing his personal safety7. Heated argument ensued and later degenerated to a fight 8. He made to hit Primeboy with a blow but hit his hand on the window of the Prado Jeep, thereby injuring himself, with heavy bleeding 9. His wife and friends who went home with him said he should be taken to the hospital to treat his injured hand, he refused10. The following day, the injured hand became swollen and was paining him, his friends still said he should be taken to the hospital for treatment, he refused.11. He called his Nurse, who was unavailable12. Another of his friend called his own Nurse, who was also not available that day.13. The following day, that is the third he sustained the injury, the Nurse (Auxiliary Nurse) came to administer injections, including Tetanus Injection on him14. He developed complications after receiving the injections15. Before he was taken to the hospital, he had died

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