Best Sites to Directly Trade Gift cards for Naira


Best Sites to Directly Trade Gift cards for Naira
From WhatsApp statuses to Twitter timelines, gift cards traders are all over the place. But then, there is you who hasn't traded gift cards before. Now, you are wondering what the fuss is about. So, you've done some research, and you find that gift cards are more like pre-paid vouchers that allow the recipient to access goods and services from the respective stores.

You found out that gift card traders on your timeline trade it for the money down the research path. Now, you want to be a part of. But, then, you have the next question, 'where can I sell my gift card for cash?'

You are on the right page. There are so many new players in the gift cards trading scene. Hence, it’s increasingly difficult to find the best ones. The gift card with you is worth something, and you are scared of falling into the wrong platform.

You need to carefully select the website you trade your gift cards for Naira. This article will show you the best sites to directly exchange gift cards for Naira.

All gift cards platforms in Nigeria have a similar function. However, what sets them apart is the security, trustworthiness and the rate they offer. Here are the best gift cards platforms to use.

Gift Cards Hub
Gift Cards Hub tops the list because the platform spends so many resources, ensuring the platform is safest for users. So not only will you safely trade your gift cards directly for Naira, but you'll also get the best rate.

Whatever type of gift card you may have; Amazon, iTunes, Target, Nordstrom, Apple Store, etc., you'll get the best rates on Gift Cards hub. Their rates are designed in such a way that you are bound to make a profit.
The gift cards hub website is also standard. It’s easy to use and very interactive. Moreover, the
underlying system on which Gift cards hub operates makes it one of the fastest trading platforms to remit your Naira immediately. Hence, even if you need the money urgently, you can trust Gift Cards hub to deliver.

Gift Cards hub also features an impressive support system. Hence, even if you run into any hitch, their staff are always on hand to help you through. There are only a few gift cards trading platforms that offer such excellent and reliable service

Cardvest is also very popular for offering a reasonable gift card buy rate to users. Cardvest has been around for a while and certainly have earned the trust of several customers. Cardvest also has a reputation for making sure you get your naira deposit as fast as possible.

They also feature a reliable support system that attends to transactional issues immediately. They also have a WhatsApp customer outlet where they can cater to your needs immediately. Hence, if you are looking to make quick cash and profit from that Gift card with you, this is the platform to use.

Paxful has been in the Nigerian gift cards market for a while. They provide peer to peer services for gift cards and cryptocurrencies. The advantage of using Paxful is that you can always negotiate rates with prospective buyers. You don't have to deal with a fixed rate. If your negotiation skills are good, you can make more profit when you directly trade gift cards to Naira.
Paxful features a chat system that interfaces between you and the prospective buyer.

 There is also a support system that oversees transactions and is ready to interfere with an issue. Though, it would be best if you were careful on Paxful. The internet is filled with scammers, and Paxful is a platform they also use. Moreover, peer to peer trading can be tricky, as you don't know who is on the other side. Hence, if you know that you are not particular about the extra Naira you can make, it’s best to use other platforms like Gift Cards hub. If you decide to use Paxful, make sure you involve an escrow in every transaction.

The first rule of 'how to trade gift cards' is to choose the best platform. The factors you'll consider are rate, security, support, and speed of transaction, and the best websites combine these factors efficiently. For instance, Gift Cards Hub is one such website and worth checking out.

Best Sites to Directly Trade Gift cards for Naira

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